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House Assembly - Oct 10
House Assembly
Valedictory Dinner - Oct 10
Valedictory Dinner
School Council Student Empowerment meeting - Oct 11
School Council Student Empowerment meeting
School Council Philanthropic and Corporate Support meeting - Oct 11
School Council Philanthropic and Corporate Support meeting
Parents and Friends Association meeting - Oct 11
Parents and Friends Association meeting
General assembly - Oct 12
General assembly
Celebration lunch for Yr 12 2016 Students - Oct 14
Celebration lunch for Yr 12 2016 Students
Week 3 - A - Oct 17
Week 3 - A
School Council Finance meeting - Oct 18
School Council Finance meeting
School Council Learning and Teaching meeting - Oct 18
School Council Learning and Teaching meeting
Week 4 - B - Oct 24
Week 4 - B
JMSS Science Fair - Evening Session - Oct 24
JMSS Science Fair - Evening Session
JMSS Science Fair Day 2 - Oct 25
JMSS Science Fair Day 2
School Council Facilities meeting - Oct 25
School Council Facilities meeting
School Council meeting - Oct 25
School Council meeting
Year 12 VCE Exams begin - Oct 26
Year 12 VCE Exams begin


Principal Peter Corkill welcomes you to John Monash Science School - a school for students who are passionate about maths and science.



Applications are now closed and first round offers have been made. Thanks for your interest. Please check your email for more information. Please do not call the school for more information at this stage.



Join us for our showcase event as students from around Australia and the world showcase their original research projects. 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 8th December at the Australian Synchrotron, 800 Black


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ENGAGE - School News

Enrolment policy and procedures

Applications are now closed and first round offers have been made. Thanks for your interest. Please check your email for more information. Please do not call the school for more information at this stage. If you have not been offered a place at this time you will be on a waiting list until the end of October.

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Alex, Dylan and YiJie win an excellence award for their video on the theme "Maths is more than just numbers." The CHOOSEMATHS competition attracted over 600 entries in 2016.

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JMSS in the Media

STEM supporters calling for more to be done in schools - Australian Financial Review. See more JMSS articles in The Age, Waverley Leader and more. 

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Water is Life conference

Congratulations to bronze medla winners Anna, Ewing, Mary and Sam at the international "Water is Life" conference in the Netherlands, 5th to 11th June, 2016.

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SIMC Distinction

Congratulations go to our team of Maths achievers, winning a Distinction Award at the Singapore International Mathematics Challenge 2016, placing in the top 12 of 62 schools internationally.

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Monash University Engineering Scholarships 2016

Congratulations to 11 former JMSS students winning scholarships from Monash University's Faculty of Engineering.

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Information Night

Prospective students and families are invited to join us at Robert Blackwood Hall on Wednesday 4th May at 7pm for Information Night. Hear from speakers, and at the close there will be teachers available for you to ask questions. This is a free event, and bookings are not required.

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School Council

School Council at JMSS providing experience, expertise and energy. Thanks to all parents who nominated and voted, and we look forward to Simon Musgrave and Bill Muir's contribution over the next 2 years.

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Careers and Pathways

The Careers Team is happy to inform you that we have a new Careers website. You can find information on VTAC, Universities, Work Experience placements and forms, resume and cover letter samples, career newsletter and much more http://jmsscareers.com/

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First Day of 2016

Welcome back to Term 1 2016. Year 11 and 12 students have a short first day on Thurs 28th Jan. Year 10 students are going on Orientation Camp, so please arrive by 8am on Thurs 28th Jan at Farrer Hall (not JMSS).

Ancora Imparo Way is closed to traffic, so if you enter Monash Uni from the main entrance you will need to drive all the way ar

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ISSF 2015 Poster Showcase

Join us for our showcase event as students from around Australia and the world showcase their original research projects. 4pm to 6pm on Tuesday 8th December at the Australian Synchrotron, 800 Blackburn Rd, Clayton. The event is free and bookings are not required.

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JMSS Science Fair 2015

Join us for our annual showcase of student research on Monday 26th October from 6pm to 8:30pm, with guest speaker and official welcome at 7pm. Entry is free, and bookings are not required.

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Anzac Trip 2015

Nick McIntrye, Year 12, and Bronte Alston, Year 10, are representing Victoria and Australia at the centenary celebration of the Gallipoli Landings in 2015. 

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Lab Work Experience

We take work experience students in the Lab for Years 10, 11 and 12 (VCAL), as well as Cert II, Cert IV and Diploma students studying Laboratory Techniques. Places are now full for 2016.

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Maths Immersion Day

A day of maths puzzles with Monash academic and mathemagician Dr Burkard Polster.

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National Youth Science Forum

During January Brendon and Binura were immersed with over a hundred like-minded students from all around Australia over two weeks at NYSF. Applications for 2016 are open from 1 March to 31 May 2015.

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Duke of Kent's visit

His Royal Highness, The Duke of Kent, will visit John Monash Science School on Wednesday 22 April as part of his Australian tour in the lead-up to the 2015 ANZAC Day commemoration ceremonies. 

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6 teams are competing in DAV Debating in 2015.

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Confocal Microscope

In an Australian first, JMSS has become the only secondary school to acquire its own confocal microscope.

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DolphiNote IT Project

JMSS students launch their first iPad app "DolphiNote" - congratulations Michael, Austin and Raj. Dr McIver loves giving students real-world IT problems.

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Supercomputing Conference 2014

Arni and Ethan ventured to New Orleans, USA, to discover the latest applications for high performance computing. They presented a project in conjunction with the Queensland Academy of Science, Maths and Technology (QASMT) in Brisbane, using data from last year's JMSS delegates Konrad, Harrison and Itay.

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Singapore International Maths Challenge

Medals of Commendation for the JMSS team Victor, Andy, Yin-Lee and Michaela at the SIMC May 26-30 2014.

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Excellence Awards

JMSS has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2014 Victorian Education Excellence Awards category of "Teachers Health Fund School Leadership Team of the Year". See some pictures here.

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Macbeth Performance

As darkness descended over JMSS on Thursday 22nd May 2014, the newest cohort of students undertook to entertain family and friends with a variety of performances of “The Scottish Play”: Macbeth.

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Athletics Carnival

JMSS Athletics Carnival happened on Thursday 3 April. 

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Earthwatch - Student Challenge

Earthwatch is offering fully-funded places on their Student Challenge Program for 2014/15. Student Challenge gives students the opportunity to participate in scientific and environmental field research to enhance their understanding of career options in the field of science. Funded fellowships will cover the Earthwatch expedition costs (includin

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Science Fair 2014

Join us for our Science Fair on Thursday 23rd October from 6pm to 8:45pm. Professor Bob Wong is our guest speaker at 7pm.

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New PFA for 2015

Thanks to everyone who attended our AGM on Thursday 6th November. We are excited to have 2 Presidents, Joanne and Meredith, building our momentum into 2015. We've also set up an Education committee and a Fundraising and Social committee.

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Address Update

Monash University campuses are changing their addresses. The new map is valid from 1st January 2015.

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Swimming Carnival

On Tuesday 11th February 2014 the JMSS Swimming Carnival was held at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. Students’ attendance and participation was at an all-time high, with over 600 students attending the day and getting into the festivities.

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Science Fair 2013 at JMSS

JMSS at its best for our annual Science Fair on October 28 and 29 2013. Students showcase their research, as well as JMSS Outreach Programs on display.

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2014 ISSF in Moscow

2 teams travelled to beautiful Moscow for 2014's International Student Science Fair. One team presented a sensor glove they constructed, and the other team investigated the effect of urbanisation on waterways.

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Extension Studies at Monash University

Hear from 2012 JMSS students Chris Whittle, Goran Katalinic and Samuel Schlegel who studied first year Monash University subjects as part of their VCE studies. 

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Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV)

Emerging Sciences Victoria (ESV) is for Year 10 students around Victoria to study Emerging Science subjects online in realtime.

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World Challenge

A very exciting program which offers students the opportunity to plan, fund and ultimately lead their own month long expedition to Borneo in November 2015.

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Students interested in IT had a Robotics programming session with Google engineers.

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Skater In Line For VCE Exams

All the best to Lionel Mawditt who will be completing his VCE exams in Argentina as he competes at the World In-line Speed Skating Championships.

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Congratulations Lionel

Our congratulations go to JMSS Year 12 student Lionel Mawditt who recently finished an amazing 5th place in the Junior Men's marathon event (over 42 kilometres!) at the World in-line speed skating championships in Argentina. 

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Endangered Tigers

JMSS is sponsoring endangered tigers. Thanks to everyone who donated money.

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National Science Week 2013

Celebrating National Science Week 12th to 16th August 2013 with a scavenger hunt, cake competition and more. 

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DISCOVER - Science Breakthroughs

JMSS Graduate involved in Gravitational Wave discovery

Chris Whittle, JMSS graduating class of 2012, is excited to be involved in the first and second detections of gravitational waves.

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Cosmic dust reveals Earth’s ancient atmosphere

Using the oldest fossil micrometeorites – space dust – ever found, Monash University-led research has made a surprising discovery about the chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere 2.7 billion years ago.

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Underground Physics Lab in Stawell

An underground lab in an old goldmine in Stawell (regional Victoria) will research dark matter.

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Discovery of Gravitational Waves

Excitement at the discovery of gravitational waves by the LIGO collaboration (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory) is shared by many scientists around the world, including Monash University.

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Bionic Eye

Many people who are blind or vision impaired have damaged optical nerves, which prevent signals reaching the brain. Monash Vision Group aims to restore a sense of sight by transmitting wireless signals directly to an implant in the brain.

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Trigger for Volcanic Eruptions Discovered Using Jelly and Lasers

Scientists have made an important step towards understanding how volcanic eruptions happen, after identifying a previously unrecognised potential trigger. The findings – from the team of researchers from Monash University, and the Universities of Liverpool (UK) and Newcastle (Australia) – could lead to new ways of interpreting s

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New pathways to prevent blindness

Scientists have made a major discovery detailing how areas of the brain responsible for vision could potentially adapt to injury or trauma and ultimately prevent blindness.

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Science Funding

'This is just insanity': four Nobel laureates let fly over Australian science funding, including Elizabeth Blackburn and Peter Doherty. Story from the SMH and Australian Financial Review.

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Brain Box videos

The Australian Academy of Science has a series of videos so you can get to know the wonderful brains behind the science.

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Science Blogs

Looking for some Science Blogs? Here is a list compiled by the Australian Science Communicators

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3D-printed titanium implant

CSIRO and Victorian-based biotech company Anatomics build a heel implant made of titanium using 3D printing. Lee Chandler has had the artifical heel bone in place for 3 months with the help of Melbourne's St Vincent's Hospital after being diagnosed with cancer of the heel bone.

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A whole organ has been grown inside an animal for the first time

Scientists have grown an important immune system organ from scratch inside a mouse, a breakthrough that could lead to alternatives to organ transplants in humans.

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NASA May Put a Greenhouse on the Red Planet

Growing plants in space, on the moon or on Mars.

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LEGO Reveals Female Scientist Minifigures

The set includes three scientists: a paleontologist, a chemist, and an astronomer, along with instruments or examples of their work. 

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Science Videos

Check out some incredible science videos such as Felix Baumgartner's jump from "the edge of space" almost 39 kilomteres up from the Earth's surface (most skydivers dive from around 4.2 kilometres).

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How To See Without Glasses

Watch a short video about how to see clearly without glasses.

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If All The Ice Melted

National Geographic feature showing world coastlines if all the ice in the world melted, resulting in sea levels rising 65.8 metres.

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New insight into coeliac disease

By visualising interactions at a sub-molecular level, scientists have gained new insights into what triggers this increasingly common disease, boosting hopes for treatment.

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New thermocell could harvest 'waste heat'

Harvesting waste heat from power stations and even vehicle exhaust pipes could soon provide a valuable supply of electricity.

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This week in science

What we're getting excited about this week, including the molecular trigger for Alzheimer's disease identified.

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In medical first, a baby with HIV is deemed cured

Doctors announced on Sunday that a baby had been cured of an HIV infection for the first time, a startling development that could change how infected newborns are treated and sharply reduce the number of children living with the virus that causes AIDS.

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IVF children grow into healthy adults

A study into teenagers and young adults shows promising evidence that there were no apparent substantial negative long-term health and wellbeing effects on the young adults when IVF and assisted reproductive technologies were used to conceive.

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This week in Science - 29 Sep 2013

Check out a summary of science news from "Science is Awesome" facebook page

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CONNECT with JMSS via:


LEARN with JMSS via:

iTunes U

Logic to Magic


In this unit, students will be introduced to exciting and challenging topics outside the usual school curriculum. Examples include (but are not limited to) infinity and its fundamental role in modern mathematics (calculus, infinity as a number, fractals), visualising higher dimensions, the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers in nature, the mathematics of optimal design (soap films, shortest networks, travelling salesman problem), 3-dimensional manifolds as the possible shapes of our universe, the nature of numbers (primes, codes and cryptography), mathematical paradoxes and modelling the real world (weather, traffic, finance, DNA mapping).


iTunes U @ JMSS

Professional Development

The purpose of this course is to document the development of iTunes U at John Monash Science School.

Currently, the course documents the trial that was initiated by Neil Carmona-Vickery (eLeadership, eResources & eLearning), supported by Diane Farrell (Head of Mathematics & Professional Learning) and implemented by Luke Bohni (Assistant Head of Mathematics & Subject Convenor for Logic to Magic) in Semester 2, 2012. The audience will primarily be teachers who want to know more about iTunes U and how it compares to other learning management systems such as Google Sites. This resource is a self-paced iTunesU course that can be used individually or collaboratively to facilitate discussions related to virtual learning environments.


Induction @ JMSS

Student Induction

This course aims to provide a John Monash Science Student with links to online portals, and information on the core skills, values and attributes.

We hope this course makes clear to students the expectations of the School and provides information on the school’s processes and policies.

We recommend that all current and hopeful students download the course.


Using TeAchnology to Enhance Learning

Professional Development

This course is aimed at providing teachers with tools and strategies that utilise technology to enhance good teaching and learning practice.

The use of technology in schools within the classroom has changed drastically over the past two decades. There has been a major shift from having ‘computer labs’ to having a couple of computers in a classroom to having each student having their own computing device.

This course is not aimed at replacing what we already consider to be good teaching practice and learning, but to provide teachers with technology based resources that can build on these ideas.


Referencing @ JMSS

Digital Literacy

Using offline and online material ethically by citing sources and/or requesting permissions from the original author or artist is often the last thing on the mind of a time-poor student.

This course will help students learn how to cite and reference the work of others in assignments.


eResources @ JMSS

Student Induction

If you’re a JMSS student, you’re going to be using your iPad as part of your studies. You will be able to view educational videos, pull up an App for recording your vodcast, look-up your timetable and set reminders for when assignments are due. We expect you to take it on excursions, incursions and class. It’s your planner, sketchbook, textbook, guitar, video camera and editing suite rolled into one.

This course will be updated throughout the year to reflect the new Apps and additional eBooks which you will need for your studies.


Generative Arts

Emerging Technologies

Emerging Technologies explores the nexus of problem solving, creativity, technology and nature. Students undertaking this course will complete a number of short self-contained projects that allow them to explore how the notions of computing and information processing are highly relevant to all of these areas and how they allow us to investigate nature from a different point of view.

The major focus of this course is "Generative Art". Students are introduced to the idea of how visual art, music and soundscapes can be generated using computers. The major project of the second term is the construction of a science-inspired art project. Through this project, the students explore systematically by means of experimentation and computation how complex artistic pieces can be created using very simple algorithms and workflows.


Year Ten Literature Circles

English - In-Session Course

The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the concept that, by analysing the important elements in a novel such as character, structure, key events, imagery and symbols, we can examine the author's views and values on the ideas and themes that are explored throughout the novel.


The United Nations - Video Briefing

Issues Studies - In-Session Course

After the devastation of WWII, the world required a body who would promote peace. The UN was created, among other things, to foster peace in the world. All members had to apply to become part of it. If it was truly achieving its aim there wouldn’t be any military conflict, however, this is not the case. So, is it working? One way to hold members accountable for non-compliance is to place a ban on them until they again comply.

Students undertaking this course will prepare a video briefing for Australia’s Foreign Affairs Minister. Their objective is to inform him of the situation in a given country and persuade him to raise the issue with the relevant stakeholders of that country.


Virtual Worlds

Emerging Technologies - In-Session Course

Whatever students interests, regardless of the career direction they choose, computation will be a key contributor to their field. In this unit students will explore the question "What would happen if...?" They will choose a problem that fascinates them and use either simulation or robotics to explore a solution.

The aim of this unit is to build students familiarity with computers - with their strengths, and most importantly, their weaknesses, so that wherever they go and whatever they do after this course, they will be able to use computation to pursue their dreams. We don't expect them to become expert programmers in one semester, but we do expect them to make the most of this opportunity to explore computational science in a supportive and fun environment.


Algorithmic Arts

Emerging Technologies

The aim of this course is to teach students how to write an algorithm to solve a problem. Students will be able to write a computer program that draws simple mathematical functions and plays sounds. Students will also learn how to recognise and utilise the building of programs. At the end of the course, students will have created a piece of artwork (either musical or visual) using programming.


Digital Dojo

Emerging Technologies

In this ever-changing world, we need to develop the skills to be adaptable, creative and tech savvy. “Digital Dojo” is going to take you through the first steps on this journey. In Term 1, you will work on a design challenge related to cyber-safety, cyber-bullying, copyright, community networks, communicating online and censorship. In order to fully succeed in this design challenge, you will need to develop skills in the areas of pre-production planning, developing ideas, information management, textual, video and audio production, and presentation skills. You must work on each area and design a solution in order to complete Digital Dojo as either a Mini Dragon (Novice), Little Ninja (Intermediate), Senpai (Senior Level) or Sensei (Teacher).



PSW proudly supports the Regional Exchange Student program by supplying students with JMSS Rugby Tops.

Well Imagine That proudly supports our work by capturing the learning of teachers and students.

JDLF International proudly supports JMSS by sponsoring the Academic Excellence Award in Computer Science.