House Programs

Central to all of the work at John Monash Science School is our belief that quality interpersonal relationships are essential if outstanding learning outcomes are to be achieved. We foster these relationships through our House Structure. The four Houses, named after prominent Australian scientists Peter Doherty, Elizabeth Blackburn, Fiona Wood and Tim Flannery, allow us to foster both school spirit and pride, and connectedness between all members of our community. Each student has a teacher-mentor who remains with them throughout their time at JMSS, guiding and advising them and supporting their growth and development throughout their journey with us.

Students have a Mentor teacher who is with them throughout their three years at JMSS. The Mentor is the first point of contact for parents. Each mentor group belongs to one of the Houses. This structure enables us to monitor student progress and wellbeing closely. Various events such as swimming carnivals provide a healthy source of competition and enjoyment for all members of our community. Your sons and daughters are safe, happy, challenged and supported at our school.