Updated: 22 Feb 2017

JMSS is Victoria's first specialist school for science, maths and technology. If you have a passion for the sciences, love a challenge, and welcome every opportunity to learn, then this is the school for you.

Thanks for your interest in applying to study at John Monash Science School in Melbourne. You will find more information in our 2017 JMSS Prospectus (PDF 2.1MB).

Applications for 2018 are now open.

The School Council has now endorsed the policy and procedures document which outlines entry requirements and procedures for 2017 (to study at JMSS in 2018). Applicants are advised to read the documents carefully before applying. 

Please note: There is a cost involved with your application. Applications are handled externally by Edutest, and JMSS staff cannot influence this process. If you encounter problems with the application process, please contact Edutest directly.

Key Dates for 2017 application process, to commence study at JMSS in 2018

  • Policy and procedures for applications in 2017 (to study at JMSS in 2018) will be available at the end of February 2017.
  • Information Night will be held at Robert Blackwood Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 3rd May. Everyone is welcome to attend. The event is free and bookings are not required.
  • Applications for Year 11 in 2018 close on Friday 19th May 2017.
  • Year 11 2018 Edutest takes place on Saturday 27th May.
  • Applications for Year 10 in 2018 close on Friday 2nd June 2017.
  • Year 10 2017 Edutest takes place in the morning on Saturday 10th June 2017. NOTE: this is the Queen's Birthday long weekend, so make plans accordingly.
  • Interviews will be held in August.
  • Results for Year 10 2018 applications will be available from 9th September.
  • If you have not received a first round offer, you will be on a waiting list until all places have been filled at the end of October 2017.
  • Edutest results will be available in Term 4.

Students applying for Year 10 in 2018

These students will be referred to as "new Year 10s". Students must complete Year 9 before commencing Year 10 with JMSS.

Year 10 in 2018 guidelines are endorsed by the School Council. 2018 Year 10 application guidelines (PDF 157kB). 

When you have read the information and you are ready to pay the application fee, apply here for Year 10 in 2018.

Students applying for Year 11 in 2018

These students will be referred to as "new Year 11s". Students must complete Year 10 before commencing Year 11 with JMSS. Please note: there is no entry to JMSS at Year 12, as this disrupts VCE courses.

Year 11 in 2018 guidelines are endorsed by the School Council. 2018 Year 11 application guidelines (PDF 194kB).

When you have read the information and you are ready to pay the application fee, apply here for Year 11 in 2018.

Statement on entry tests

We have received a number of enquiries about the format and content of the tests which will be administered by Edutest to determine entry to the school. Please note that to ensure the integrity of the testing process, and equity for all applicants, no further information about the tests will be provided prior to the administration of the tests.

John Monash Science School is a specialist school which focuses on science, mathematics and associated technologies. The students who will benefit most from attending the school will be proficient in mathematics, be able to express themselves clearly in English, to apply scientific reasoning to problems and to think logically and coherently.

Special Consideration, Illness and Misadventure

If your student's performance in the examination has been adversely affected, please download and complete the appropriate form, and return to

Special consideration form (Word Doc 45kB) if the student’s performance on the entrance examination may have been affected by illness, injury or personal trauma.

Illness or Misadventure form (Word Doc 42kB) if some problem, such as sickness or accident, prevents your child from taking the John Monash Science School examination.

Course Confirmation

Once the offer of a place has been accepted, parents and students will be required to attend an information evening at the school. At this event senior JMSS staff will explain the curriculum opportunities available to students as well as key policies and procedures. Students and their parents will then be asked to attend a course counselling session with JMSS staff within the following week at which time their courses for the following year will be discussed. Students will then be required to confirm their course using the online portal provided for this purpose.

Orientation to JMSS

All new students to JMSS will undertake an intensive orientation program prior to commencement. Students entering Year 11 will participate in the school's Fresh Start Program in late November and early December. In this program students will meet their new classmates and teachers and begin their studies for the following year. Holiday homework will be set and it is important that all new students attend the full program.

Students entering Year 10 will be required to attend a full orientation day at the school in early December. Students will meet their new tutor teachers and students in their tutor groups as well as their new student buddies. Each new student will be assigned a student buddy from their tutor group whose role is to help with transition and introduction to life at JMSS. Year 10 students will also attend an induction camp at the beginning of their first year at JMSS.