National Science Week

Each year students on the Science Maths and Technology sub-committee of Student Parliament do a fantastic job  organising a range of activities to help us celebrate National Science Week. We have had scavenger hunts, trivia, Family Feud, science cake decorating competitions, and dressing Harriet (our Science skeleton).


JMSS Scavenger hunt was held at lunchtime, where 14 eager teams of students over the lunchtime collaborated to scour the school and solve the challenging puzzles that they have been set, all in the theme of science, of course! The environment was frantic as teams rushed around finding riddles or debating over their answers against the ticking clock; and the ingenuity, organisation and teamwork of all teams were evident and well rewarded as the air was often punctuated by cheering as they managed to convert their hard work into valuable points! A massive thank you on behalf of the Science, Maths and Technology sub-committee to anyone who participated!

In 2013 the science cakes were OUTSTANDING. The pictures below are evidence of the time, effort and dedication of our participants. Congratulations to Esther, Cheryl and Sam who claimed 1st prize with their outstanding minion, Trinston, Paul and Charmaine 2nd prize with their periodic table, Abi for her creative science cake in 3rd place and Su for our JMSS logo cake. These fabulous students then went onto to share their cakes with the JMSS community. A fantastic example of Learning to Live together.

Science Cake - 1st place  Science cake winnersScience cake - 2nd place Science cake - 3rd place Science cake - 4th place

Dressing Harriet competition winners were Michael, Shreya and Christeen. Students are still being creative and coming up with ideas to dress Harriet.

Dress Harriet winner dress Harriet dress Harriet dress Harriet