Sport News 2014

Swimming Carnival


On Tuesday 11th February the JMSS Swimming Carnival was held at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. Students’ attendance and participation was at an all-time high, with over 600 students attending the day and getting into the festivities. The weather on the day was amazing, which added to the atmosphere at the pool.

Some of the highlights of the day included the raft race and frisbee novelty events, the fashion parade (won by a group of students carrying a Doherty dragon) and the sheer number of students getting in the pool and earning points for their House.

Athletics Carnival

Thursday 3rd April was the JMSS Athletics Carnival. This is another fantastic day for the students to get involved in the amazing extra-curricular activities the school offers. The event is a great opportunity for students to dress-up and show their house pride, earn house points by participating in a range of track, field or novelty events and to embrace being part of the school community.

Students were encouraged to dress-up, as there was a fashion parade for House points, and enter as many events as they would like. JMSS strongly endorses participation and there was at least one event for everyone; ability level is irrelevant!


Congratulations to PE teacher Mr Sam Webster on completing his 'Half-Ironman'! A 'Half-Ironman' is:

  • 1.9 kilometre ocean swim (equivalent to 38 laps of an Olympic-sized swimming pool with waves);
  • a 90 kilometre bike ride;
  • and a 20.1 kilometre run (or half-marathon, or 50 laps of an athletics running track).

Sport Overview 2013

JMSS Games

Our second annual JMSS Games was held earlier in 2013 and it was fantastic to see our students taking a break from their studies, getting some activity and having some fun with their peers and teachers. Students chose from a range of sports in which to represent their House including Basketball, Netball, Indoor Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Squash, Volleyball, Warball, Fencing and even Quidditch! Many thanks to The ‘Monash Muggles’; the Monash University Quidditch Club who volunteered their time to run a fascinating Quidditch competition. Congratulations to all students and staff for their participation and collective wonderful positive spirit. 

Activity Winning House
Warball Doherty
Volleyball (g) Flannery
Volleyball (b) Blackburn
Basketball (g) Blackburn
Basketball (b) Doherty
Indoor Hockey Doherty
Soccer (g) Blackburn
Soccer (b) Flannery
Netball Wood
Tennis (g) Doherty
Tennis (b) Wood
Squash (g) Blackburn
Squash (b) Doherty
Quidditch Blackburn
T-ball Blackburn
Fencing Blackburn
Table Tennis (g) Flannery
Table Tennis (b) Doherty


Eastern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Championships 2013

JMSS Divisional Athletics team

Congratulations to the following students who have all qualified to represent JMSS at the Eastern Metropolitan Region Track and Field Championships to be held on Monday October 14th after their performances at the recent Divisional Athletics carnival.

Age Level Gender Event Name Place Competitor Performance
15Yr F 90m Hurdles 1 Aish UDDAPPANDA 00:18.25
16Yr F 800m 2 Anita SCHNELL 02:52.04
16Yr M 800m 2 Ben ADSHEAD 02:18.39
16Yr F 90m Hurdles 1 Brigette SNELL 00:17.22
16Yr F 100m 1 Brigette SNELL 00:13.53
16Yr F 200m 1 Brigette SNELL 00:29.90
20Yr F 1500m walk  2 Danielle CLARKE  
16Yr F Javelin 1 Danielle CLARKE 14.82
17Yr M 100m 1 Dhilan CHANDRASEKARA 00:11.65
17Yr M 200m 1 Dhilan CHANDRASEKARA 00:23.17
17Yr M 400m 1 Dhilan CHANDRASEKARA 00:54.05
17Yr F 400m 1 Elaine VAN 01:16.11
16Yr F 1500m 1 Esther KIM 05:50.22
16Yr M High Jump 1 Jay DARCY 1.55
16Yr M Triple Jump 1 Jui Sheng KWEK 10.86
20Yr F 3000m 1 Kaori NAKASE  
20Yr F 800m 2 Kaori NAKASE 02:48.42
17Yr F 1500m 1 Kaori NAKASE 05:53.84
16Yr F Discus  1 Maddy GOULD 19.28
20Yr F 90m Hurdles 1 Olivia ARMSTRONG 00:17.78
17Yr F High Jump 1 Rachel BOLITHO 1.28
16Yr M 90m Hurdles 1 Richard YANG 00:14.19
17Yr M 800m 2 Sasheeka AMUNUGAMA 02:18.92
16Yr F 400m 1 Zoe LI 01:13.94
16-20yr F 1500m walk    Emily SWAN  
16Yr F 1500m   Emily SWAN  
16Yr M 4x100m Relay  1 Jui Sheng KWEK 00:48.89
        Ben ADSHEAD  
        Richard YANG  
        Wjijoy CHOWDHURY  
16Yr F 4x100m Relay  1 Brigette SNELL 00:57.69
        Anita SCHNELL  
        Zoe LI  
        Harika RAO  

 JMSS Boys relay team

Victorious 16 years Boys' Relay Team


JMSS Girls relay team











All conquering 16 years Girls' Relay Team