Macbeth Performance 2014

JMSS MAcbeth performance 2014

As darkness descended over JMSS on Thursday 22nd May 2014, the newest cohort of students undertook to entertain family and friends with a variety of performances of “The Scottish Play”: Macbeth.  Students had worked for many weeks to learn their lines, prepare props and costumes, plan staging, choreograph fight scenes, and get the timing of their sound and lighting effects just right. In this, the fourth year of these performances, the 2014 Year 10 students clearly demonstrated dramatic talents and an understanding of characters and issues in this 400-year-old play.

This year students once again presented innovative and varied interpretations of this famous tragedy, engaging and entertaining their audiences.  Some chose to apply a minimalist approach and focus on their chosen scene, whilst others made use of filming and editing skills to develop integrated multimedia performances. The variety of interpretations included: a “Futurama” inspired version; a witches scene set in an asylum; a musical-Macbeth with singing and dancing; corporate boardrooms and teen-parties as modern versions of a formal dining hall; a Christmas-inspired interpretation (despite being over 6 months from the actual holiday period); sock-puppets, pirates, gangsters and businessmen; one group dressed in Roman togas even poured red food dye all over their Macbeth actor. The capacity of JMSS students to think creatively didn’t fail to surprise teachers, fellow students and the wider school community.

The Year 10 students of 2014 should feel justifiably proud of their hard work and the general high quality of their performances.  The high quality creative and co-operative skills developed by students showed their versatility and ability to work effectively with others. They have once again demonstrated the many talents of JMSS students, and that their interests and abilities extend far beyond just the realms of science and mathematics. They set a high standard for the 2015 Year 10 students to aspire to.