Maths Immersion Day 2015

On the 20th February 2015 the Year 10s and 11s had Maths Immersion Day. We got divided into mentor groups which were then split up again into Year 10s and Year 11s.

Maths Immersion Day JMSS teamwork

To start it off Burkard Polster, a mathemagician who has visited JMSS before, gave us a talk about mathematical thinking and problem solving. Our next activity was to travel around the school solving problems in a certain order, ticking the stops off in our passports. It soon turned from an enjoyable activity with friends to a workout with a bit of maths on the side. We were the only group I could see who were nearly sweating from getting to one problem from another. The problems were challenging but they had some interesting topics as well, like Snow White and evil witches. The problems really needed everyone to contribute their ideas and different views to finish.

Maths Immersion Day JMSS Rubics

After lunch the year 10s visited one of Monash University lecture rooms. Burkard Polster was back to teach us how to do all the questions and what their answers were. There was a small game of trivia (house points were on the line) at the end of which representatives were chosen from each house. Overall it was a great day that taught us to solve problems and it really let us get to know our mentor groups better.

By Declan Gillian