Support Programs and Services

At John Monash Science School, we believe strongly in the ongoing development of leadership capacity in our students. Each House has two student captains and vice-captains, as well as student leaders on each of six key student committees. This collection of elected students forms the unique JMSS Student Parliament, a body that influences life for students at the school, has input into learning programs, raises funds for charity and organises student voluntary services in the local community.

The Student Empowerment Team includes House Leaders and mentors, a counsellor, a psychologist, our Mindfulness Facilitator and integration aides to support students with additional learning needs.

Our school works hard to ensure all students make a quick and effective transition into John Monash Science School. We begin each year with an Orientation Camp for new students, designed to introduce them to learning the JMSS way, as well as to the many new friends they will make. This is an important step in the learning journey of so many students who have made the challenging transition from previous familiar surroundings.

Students are supported by the Empowerment Team throughout their time at the school. Whilst the challenges are great, they are matched by the support each student receives. Our students and staff have created an aspirational yet welcoming, safe and supportive community at our school.