Year 10 Curriculum

While the School has a strong focus on Science and Mathematics, the curriculum is broad enough to develop students’ skills and capacities across all fields.

In Year 10 all students study: English; Mathematics; Science (Core sciences including Physics, Chemistry and Biology); Emerging Science elective units (all are unique to JMSS) in fields such as Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science, Astrophysics (Quantum Physics and Astronomy), Geoscience and Bioinformatics; Issues Studies (the interface between the Humanities and the Sciences); Emerging Technologies (a range of fascinating options in Computer Science); and Learn To, which includes Physical Education.

We also offer:

  • music;
  • languages;
  • performing and creative arts;
  • community service and leadership training;
  • swimming, basketball, netball, cricket, quidditch and other group fitness;
  • tabletop gaming an warhammer
  • environment/ sustainable living
VCE offerings in maths and science include:
  • biology;
  • chemistry;
  • enivronmental studies;
  • mathematics - general, methods, and specialist;
  • physics; and
  • psychology.
JMSS students may also study:
  • accounting;
  • economics;
  • extended investigations;
  • geography;
  • history;
  • information technology;
  • languages;
  • literature;
  • media studies;
  • music;
  • physical education;
  • politics.

School hours

The school’s normal hours of operation for students will be from 8.40 am to 3.15 pm. However, some special programs may involve students in work outside these hours. Where this occurs, parents will be notified with details of teacher supervision during those hours.


Every student will have his or her own secure storage locker at the school. Locks and combintations will be provided by the school, and locks will need to be returned at the end of a student's enrolment at JMSS. Please keep lockers locked for your personal security.