Article by Dylan Sanusi-Goh - 31 August 2016.

The CHOOSEMATHS awards, run by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute invite Australia’s next generation of mathematical leaders to demonstrate their talent by exploring problem solving and real-world applications in an interesting and engaging way. 

Our task was to create a 3-5 minute video themed around "Maths is more than just numbers".

Alex, YiJie and I put together a video which aimed to communicate the importance of mathematics in saving lives and providing vital information to emergency services. By representing the real life network of roads as 'graphs' and investigating the performance of various algorithms on our roads, we showed how to find the optimal route to travel the fastest to people in need.

We were invited to attend the awards ceremony on Friday 26th August with Mr Bohni at Leonda by the Yarra where we were awarded the prize and also treated to a formal 3 course luncheon. 

We received the national excellence award out of approximately 600 other entries across the country, which included $1500 prize money.

The experience that we had in creating the video from start to finish allowed us to transform a complex mathematical concept and convey its application in an easy to understand way.