Changes to roads

Due to the extensive building works around the University, and especially as a result of the refurbishment of the Medicine Building to the north of JMSS, traffic flow towards and away from JMSS will again be disrupted for the next six months at least.

Parents and students should note the following:

Drop-Off at JMSS

  • The north-west campus entrance to the right of Monash College and leading to JMSS will be closed for the next six months. This therefore means that the ONLY entrance for cars delivering students to or collecting them from JMSS will be the service road leading into the University from Wellington Road;
  • Parents are asked to follow these directions for student drop-off at school in the mornings:
    • Enter the University via a left turn into the service road next to JMSS from Wellington Road, drive around the front of the school and drop your students off at the normal place;
    • Keep driving along the road, do a U-turn at the temporary round-about at the end of the road in front of JMSS, and return along the same route, exiting onto Wellington Road;
    • Under NO circumstances is anyone allowed to drop-off students in the small Monash College carpark to the east of the school, as this will greatly impede traffic flow;
    • Parents please note that for the next six months at least, there is NO LONGER A PICK-UP OPTION at JMSS for students between 3pm and 4pm. Pick-up options at the end of the day could include:
      • from the OC1 carpark (located at the corner of Blackburn road and Wellington road opposite the Australian Synchrotron.
      • in Beddoe Avenue adjacent to the western boundary of JMSS.

Pick-Up from Monash University

Collecting students at the end of the day from the University will be much more difficult over the next six months at least, due to the huge amount of building work at sites all over the main campus. Families may therefore consider allowing their sons or daughters to use public transport during this time. If you still want to collect your son or daughter at the end of the school day, you are best advised to select a location nearby to the university, for example the OC1 carpark, and arrange to meet your son or daughter there. This will mean a possible 10 to 15 minute walk for the students, but this is a far better option than the difficulty you will face if you try to enter the campus and meet one of the students inside. It is simply too difficult to do that now. I am sure you can all use phones to find each other should you need to.

Pedestrian Travel Into Monash University

Students should be pleased that access to JMSS from the bus loop remains unaffected by these changes. However students wishing to access the north-west corner will not be able to walk along the previous route between Monash College and the Child-Minding Centre. Instead you are to walk along the path in front of the power station next to JMSS, and follow the route to the fence in front of the Child-Minding Centre and follow this fence-line along the west boundary until you can cross into the STRIP and hence further into the main campus.