School Council

As our School continues to grow it is important we are able to draw on the experience, expertise and energy of members of our parent community to continue to guide JMSS through the next stage of its development, characterised by our new Strategic Plan which emanated from the whole school review undertaken in 2015.

Our School Council has sought permission from the Minister for Education to change its composition for 2017. Currently we have four nominated representatives from Monash University: Professor Robert Norris (recently retired Dean, Science Faculty), Associate Professor Debbie Corrigan (Education Faculty), Dr. Cristina Varsavsky (Assistant Dean, Science Faculty) and Professor Darrell Evans, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching). In the newly constituted Council, Monash University will have two representatives. We are in the process of organising this with the University. The four DET representatives will continue to be myself, Assistant Principals Andrew Chisholm and Sally Cheah-Johnson, and Business Manager Alison Galloway.

The newly formed Council will be able to co-opt three external people to assist with its affairs, as well as two currently enrolled students, the first time we will have had student representation on Council. This opportunity has been enthusiastically embraced by the student body, and we are in the process of selecting the two representatives from the multiple applications we have received. The current Council will meet for the last time on Tuesday 21st March, and the new Council will convene for the first time on Tuesday 18th April. At this time it will elect office bearers and fill the three co-option positions.

We still would like to encourage parents who are not on Council but wish to be involved in the school to join either our PFA or one of our Council subcommittees. Please contact our Business Manager Mrs Alison Galloway at school if you are interested, we would warmly welcome your help and support.

Election 2017

I would like to sincerely congratulate the following parents who have been appointed to our 2017 School Council:

  • Dr. Anthony Ware (parent ben Year 12)
  • Mrs. Yael Cass (parent Gilad Year 10)
  • Mr Steve Blight (daughter Ebony Year 12) - re-elected
  • Mr Paul Vella (daughter Tia Year 12) – re-elected

Dr Simon Musgrave (daughter Olivia Year 11) is the other parent on Council, continuing from 2016. I would like to sincerely thank Mr Bill Muir (grandson Lachlan Year 12 2016) and Mrs Padma Kandadi (son Theja Year 12) for their invaluable service to Council for the past two years, and wish them and their families well in their future endeavours.


Parents may also wish to contribute to one of our Council Subcommittees:

  • Programs and Policies;
  • Monash University and John Monash Science School Liaison,
  • Facilities, and 
  • Finance.

If you are interested in any of these subcommittees please contact our Business Manager Mrs Alison Galloway at school via phone (9905 1002) or email alison.galloway@ We would warmly welcome your help and support. 

School Council members

Department of Education and Training

Principal Peter Corkill (Executive Officer), Assistant Principal Sally Cheah-Johnson, Assistant Principal Andrew Chisholm, Business Manager Alison Galloway.

Monash University

Professor Robert Norris (recently retired Dean, Science Faculty), Associate Professor Debbie Corrigan (Education Faculty), Dr Cristina Varsavsky (Assistant Dean, Science Faculty) and Professor Darrell Evans, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching).


Steven Blight, Paul Vella and Padma Kandadi are finishing their two-year terms. Bill Muir is finishing his term after one year, in addition to his previous two-year term. 


Stephen Duggan (School Council President), and Dr Robyn Whittle.

Parent Members 

Stephen Blight (daughter Ebony in Year 10 in 2015)

I am a professional civil engineer involved in construction within the public sector where I oversee an annual multi million dollar capital works program. I am particularly interested in ensuring that the school has the right facilities and resources to function at the high levels we all expect. I was part of the facilities sub committee at JMSS in 2012 and on the School Council in 2013 and 2014.

Bill Muir (elected 2014 and 2016) 

I am a Director and shareholder of two successful engineering and manufacturing companies in Melbourne. We specialise in the design and manufacture of equipment for the rail, mining, defence and infrastructure industries in Australia, New Zealand and S.E. Asia. I am a professional mechanical engineer with over 20 years experience in managing and directing other professional engineers, trades staff, administration and office personnel. 

My grandson attends JMSS in Year 12 2016, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue to work to serve the school on the council. I am interested in the continual expansion of the excellent work done by all the current JMSS team and the growth of the school to allow more students to enjoy that success.

Simon Musgrave (elected 2016)

My elder daughter entered JMSS in 2014. It very quickly became clear to me and my family that this was (and is) an exceptional school. My daughter has continued to have a wonderful experience, being able to participate in a wide range of activities in the classroom and outside of it and all the time being supported in her learning. So we were delighted when our second daughter gained entry to the school this year. I am an academic at Monash University where I teach and research in the area of linguistics. Being so fortunate as to have two children at JMSS, I feel that I would like to make a contribution to the school and to its community.

Previous Councillors

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely congratulate councillors on their hard work and dedication to Council over the past six years of JMSS history. John contributed greatly to the work of our Learning and Teaching subcommittee and Marcus was heavily involved in the Philanthropic subcommittee, spending much time on the pursuit of funds for our hosting of the International Student Science Fair in 2015. I thank all previous members for their service to JMSS.

Zoran Vasic

Representing the community our children belong to would for any parent be a tremendously important responsibility — one that I would enjoy bringing the breadth of my professional scientific and educational experience in the secondary and tertiary systems to, together with my family history at JMSS, for the success of every student!

Marcus Muehleisen (son Lucas in Year 10 2013)

I am the CEO/ Managing Director of the Australasian operation of a large multinational manufacturing company. Faced with complex business challenges every day, I hope to bring extensive leadership experience in business and senior management, a broad international perspective, and a strong background in building and developing great organisations.  

John Bell (daughter Nicola in Year 10 2013)

I am a Lecturer in Business in the private higher education sector, have extensive experience teaching in the TAFE sector as well as in international secondary and higher education. My professional experience spans several countries and I am a member of several professional associations including the Australian Human Resource Institute (CAHRI).