Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival JMSS 2014

JMSS Swimming Carnivals are held at Oakleigh Recreation Centre. Students’ attendance and participation is always high, with over 600 students attending the day and getting into the festivities. The House spirit is amazing, which adds to the atmosphere at the pool.

Some of the highlights of the day included the raft race and frisbee novelty events, the fashion parade, the classic catches competition, and the sheer number of students getting in the pool and earning points for their House.

Doherty Dragon

The swimming events are tightly contested and a number of school records are set on the day. Throughout the day the competition is extremely close and the positions of the Houses changes a number of times. The winning House will be announced at the next school assembly.

A special mention needs to be made about the exemplary way the students conducted themselves throughout the day, especially considering the hot conditions. I would also like to thank the staff for their efforts on the day, particularly the staff members that were responsible for the set-up and pack-up of the venue.

Swimming Carnival JMSS 2014

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