Attendance and Absences


The Department of Education and Training (DET) has provided some new guidelines and policies in regards to Student Engagement. The implementation of these guidelines will commence as from 1st March 2014.

Please read the following:

1.       School Attendance Guidelines 2014: or download a PDF (75KB)

2.       Student Engagement and Inclusion Guidelines for Parents (PDF 312KB).


If a student is going to be away or they are late, please:

  • email our Attendance Officer:  or
  • call the Student Attendance Line on 9902 9712 (messages welcome any time of the day or night).

This needs to be done by 9.30am or an SMS will be automatically sent to the parent's mobile phone. 

Late arrivals

Classes start at 8.40am. If students arrive late please go to reception and put the late note from your parents/guardians into the post box on the desk next to the Compass kiosk. Sign in at the Compass kiosk, then take the printed ticket with you to your class and give to your teacher so they can add you on the attendance roll.

Approving Student Absences

Attendance and absences can be viewed on the Compass portal but they are not able to be approved directly on the site. 

To approve absences you can choose any of the following options:

  • email our Attendance Officer;  or
  • call the Student Attendance Line on 9902 9712 (messages welcome any time of the day or night); or
  • log in to the Compass portal and print a letter from the student Attendance page (use the drop-down arrow to choose to download or print the letter).

The following is an example of the Student Attendance Unapproved screen: 

Compass student attendance page 

The letter and medical certificates can be scanned and emailed to or the student can give them to their Mentor teacher. Letters and certificates can also be placed in the silver Attendance box next to the Compass kiosk located near Reception at JMSS. 

Overall attendance

If you need to speak to someone about your student's attendance overall, please see their House Leader (Houses are Blackburn, Flannery, Doherty and Wood).