Regional Science Exchange

Regional Science Exchange Program 2020

Held annually, the John Monash Science School Regional Science Exchange invites Year 10 students from regional Victorian schools with a passion for science to join us for an immersive three-week block. Participating students attend classes with JMSS students, visit Monash University for science workshops, and experience Melbourne through a range of curated excursions and field trips.

Students study Emerging Science electives in fields such as:

  • Nature and Beauty of Mathematics
  • Analytical and Spectroscopic Science
  • Medical Physics
  • Programming for Simulations and Machine Learning
  • Astrophysics
  • Microbiology
  • VR Design
  • FLEET Science
  • Introduction to Games Programming and Data Science
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Aquatic Fieldwork Science

Students can either bring your own device (BYOD) or work with laptops and iPads provided on loan during your visit as part of JMSS’s Multi Device Learning Program. Students will return to JMSS to present Emerging Science projects to peers, parents, teachers and academics at our annual Science Fair in October.

The Program fee is $490.00, payable by families and/or schools, and students will need to organise transport to and from Melbourne. Students will stay with JMSS families, and will have a JMSS buddy. Students will be provided with a JMSS school uniform jumper, and may borrow a myki to catch public transport during their stay.

Teacher Professional Development is also included as part of the experience, for regional teachers to spend time at JMSS working with team teachers, developing curriculum and presenting cutting-edge science. 

Information about the program, and the application process for 2020 can be found by visiting the new Regional Science Exchange website:

Dates and Resources for 2020

Expressions of interest will be open for the program in early 2020.

The dates for 2020 exchanges are as follows:

  • Term 2, Weeks 3, 4 and 5; Sunday 2 May 2019 - Friday 22 May 2019
  • Term 3, Weeks 2, 3 and 4; Sunday 19 July - Friday 7 August 2019

Program fee: $490.00

Students attend JMSS for a 3-week block, then will continue their research projects at home, returning to present their posters at our annual Science Fair in November 2020.

Homestay families

Monash University Workshops

Challenges and Personal Outcomes

Selection Criteria

Applications for Year 10 students in 2020 will be open in early 2020.

2020 Information Pack (PDF 128KB).

The program is for Year 10 students who have talent, interest, curiosity and enthusiasm in the areas of Science, Mathematics and/or Technology.

Interested students are encouraged to speak with the science teacher at their school, and work with them to develop an application for the 2019 program. Applications will need to address the following selection criteria:

  • Students - describe your interest in science/maths/technology in a maximum of one A4 typed page. 
  • Students - describe in 200 words or less how you will use this opportunity back in your school and/or home town after the experience is over, or how it might impact your future subject or career choices. 
  • Students - if you are studying any VCE (Year 11 and 12 subjects) in Year 10, please list them and approximately how much work will be required during your 3-week block.
  • Please consider and list any possible issues regarding being away from home for 3 weeks, eg: part-time work, sporting commitments, experience staying away from home.
  • Teachers - a summary of students’ academic performance over the period Year 7- 9 with particular reference to science, mathematics and technology capabilities.  Please comment on student potential and the value of the program to the student and school. Maximum of one A4 typed page.
  • Geographical location of students’ homes and schools attended will also be considered.
  • Indigenous students are encouraged to apply.

For more information please email Erin Hayley on -

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