House Structure

The main aim of Pastoral Care at John Monash Science School is to provide a caring educational environment where positive relationships are developed and where each student is known and cared for as an individual.

The school has four Houses and various mentor Groups, and a strong Pastoral Program that supports the students’ growth and development.

The four Houses are named after famous Australian scientists.

Elizabeth Blackburn

Peter Doherty

Tim Flannery and

Fiona Wood 

Each House has two House Leaders who monitor the progress of all students in the House. 

Each House Mentor Group has a Mentor (teacher) who is responsible for looking after the personal wellbeing, academic progress and development of their students. 

The Mentors monitor the progress of their students and assist students in developing their Learning Plans. The student’s Learning Plan is owned and used by the learner and supported by the Mentor. The Mentor is an advocate for their students, and oversees the learning targets, progress and achievements of the students in their Mentor Group.

Each House also has a Student Leadership Team of House Captains and Student Parliament members. The Student Parliament provides a powerful ‘Student Voice’ which helps shape the students’ learning experiences at JMSS.

Regular House activities enhance connectedness with peers and teachers. Throughout the year, friendly competition exists between the students in their Houses as they vie for the House Sporting Shield and House Aggregate Shield Awards, which recognise student participation and achievement. House activities embrace a diverse range of events such as House Trivia, Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.